Bringing Fans to the Heart of the Club

So what is City Rewards?

City Rewards was born from the mouths of City fans themselves. At Wega we have worked tirelessly to provide a payment solution tailored for City fans, by City fans. The City Rewards program is ultimately 100% a fan idea – a true stroke of brilliance and a massive leap forward in our efforts to bring the fans at the heart of Manchester City Football Club.

This is why, if you sign up for a City Supporter’s Card today, you will have access to exclusive Rewards only available to you as a cardholder. For every £1 you spend with the Wega City Supporter’s card, you will earn 1 Wega Point. In this very moment, we are running a promotion for new sign-ups to be awarded 500 Wega Points as soon as a card is ordered. This automatically bumps fans into the “Silver” level of our loyalty program, where every £1 spent = 2 Wega Points. This brings you even closer to the top hospitality rewards we have to offer, as every purchase earns double points.


From signed shirts to tickets to the Chairman’s and Tunnel Club, the City Rewards program is truly the greatest gift we have to offer you, the fans.

There are even BIGGER things to come in 2020 with the prospect of an Away Trip to a European match with the players. That’s right – WITH the players. The winner of this particular reward will meet the team, travel with the team, and even watch them train. Now we can’t promise that you’ll become besties with Aguero, but nothing is impossible. With all accommodation, meals, and activities planned for you – this is an experience any City fan would cherish for the rest of their lives.

While we have also kept a deliberate air of mystery around the Wega Cup 2020 – starting in the New Year, fans will be able to get a peek into something the likes of which has never been done before – ever – in the history of Manchester City Football Club. Loyal City Supporter’s cardholders and new sign-ups alike will get the chance to build enough points to enter an unprecedented fan tournament. This is your chance to be coached by first team City players. Meet the team. Play with the team. Be a part of the team.

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