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What is Wega?

Wega is the trade name of Truxtun Capital SA, a fintech company specializing in the development and management of e-money programs in various currencies with several networks (Mastercard, Visa etc) and licensing its proprietary Wega 3DSA technology for highly secured transactions. Truxtun Capital is a prepaid program manager, member of Fido Alliance and technical partner of EMVCo. (www.truxtuncapital.com)

What is Wega 3DSA?

Wega 3DSA is a proprietary technology that adheres to the latest security standards.

It is based on an acoustic chip inserted in a payment card during manufacturing that generates a onetime password based on sound frequency, combined with PIN Code and other FIDO Certified authenticators. The Wega 3DSA 2.0’s application supports facial recognition, fingerprint biometrics and offers users a choice of authenticating a mobile payment with either their acoustic card, face or finger at the point of purchase. The purpose is to speed up ecommerce transactions in a more secure environment without the need to remember yet another password. Paying online with Wega 3DSA is faster, simpler, more convenient and more secure.

What is FIDO Alliance?

FIDO is the World’s Largest Ecosystem for Standards-Based, Interoperable Authentication. The specifications and certifications from the FIDO Alliance enable an interoperable ecosystem of hardware-, mobile- and biometrics-based authenticators that can be used with many apps and websites. This ecosystem enables enterprises and service providers to deploy strong authentication solutions that reduce reliance on passwords and protect against phishing, man-in-the-middle and replay attacks using stolen passwords.

Truxtun Capital SA is member of Fido Alliance at the sponsor level together with such other companies as Fijutsu, Goldman Sachs, Huawei, NEC, Symantec, Wells Fargo. Board members include Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, Google, Samsung, ING, etc.


What are Wega Payment Card Programs?

Wega Payment Card Programs are consumer or corporate prepaid programs that are associated with either Mastercard or Visa. They can also be closed loop for direct acceptance by a program partner merchant. The programs are directed to program partners that have the ability to co-brand their corporate image or provide a generic payment solution as needed. They can be either physical or virtual cards. The physical Wega payment card programs may but do not necessarily need to include Wega 3DSA technology. Wega Payment Card Programs may be commercialized via distributors such as Gleevest Capital Ltd (www.gleevest.com) or program partners. Wega Payment Card Program may benefit from value added services, subject to contract, such as 3Dsecure, contactless, mobile app, Facebox Secure Certified®, Mobile top up. Please contact support@wegamc.com for further information.

What is Wega Program Management?

Wega Program Management is the providing of turn-key e-money program services for third party program partners. It includes the set-up of the Program with the issuer, the network, the processor, the card vendor, fulfilments, load channels, KYC processing, transaction processing, customer support. The programs can include physical and virtual cards. They can be used for personal use, payroll, expenses, travel, bill sharing, allowances for teens, gift cards etc.

Please contact support@wegamc.com for further information.

What are Wega Corporate Solutions?

Wega Corporate Solutions are specifically addressed to corporate clients that are interested in innovative, flexible and cross border payment solutions for wages, expenses, commissions, pay-outs etc. Wega Corporate Solutions can be either generic or co-branded for the corporate client. Please contact support@wegamc.com for further information.

What is Wega 3DSA Licensing?

Through an Wega 3DSA Licensing Agreement accepted parties are allowed to integrate Wega 3DSA technology and manufacturing provided by Truxtun Capital in their own business models and in association with the parties’ own services and providers. For example if Bank X wanted to license Wega 3DSA from Truxtun Capital SA, Truxtun Capital would provide the Wega 3DSA technology and manufacturing but Bank X would set up own issuing, processing etc. Please contact support@wegamc.com for further information.